Value Proposition Mapping

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged and a customer’s belief that value will be delivered and experienced. A value proposition is what differentiates your brand from your competitors. It helps customers understand your organisation, and the value of your products and services. Therefore, the value proposition is linked to the success of your organisation. This workshop is participatory and practical in nature. We’ll address all relevant components that contribute to a sound value proposition. You’ll be clear on what it entails, how value can be created for the customers, resulting  in revenue streams for your organisation. 
For whom?
This workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals who want to know whether their offerings meet the needs of their target audience(s) or how they can make sure that it does.


  • 10am-5pm
  • Max. 30 participants
  • Fundamental understanding
  • Dialogue in Dutch or English
  • Workshops in Leiden (ZH) and Weert (L)
  • Bootcamp style
  • Lunch included
  • €299 (incl. vat)