The art of co-creation

We live in turbulent times. We are transitioning from the information age, marked by analysing and thinking, to the age of imagination, in which the sources of authority are more diffused, less hierarchical, and creativity and imagination are the primary creators of economic value. Peter Drucker warns us that the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic. Changes in the environment force organisations to rethink their ‘dominant logic’ regarding value creation. Co-creation is a buzzword that gets mixed into a lot of business conversations nowadays. We believe that there is still a lot to be shared about value co-creation. As customers and organisations co-create value, the co-creation experience becomes the very basis of value. That means letting go of the goods dominant logic, in which goods are considered value-laden, and move towards a service dominant logic, in which goods are merely the vehicles of value and the co-creation experience is the basis of value. During this workshop we’ll address how you move from a goods dominant logic towards a service dominant logic. Let’s explore this art together. We’ll delve into a bit of theory and look at applications. And we’ll put you to work also. 
For whom?
This workshop is intended for professionals who are open to new ideas and want to broaden their horizons. For professionals who want to approach things differently within their organisations. For professionals who want to gain some perspective on co-creation and whether or not co-creation is something their organisation should engage in.


  • 1pm-5pm
  • Max. 15 participants
  • Basic understanding
  • Dialogue in Dutch and English
  • Workshops in Leiden (ZH) and Weert (L)
  • Bootcamp style
  • €299 (incl. vat)