Freelance Service Designers

Service Design is the application of a design methodology to immaterial products to improve and innovate services. Key objective is to enrich the customer experience. Our pros distinguish three types of service design: On the far-left service interaction design, and on the far-right organisational transformation. And in between service design intervention. The difference being the extent to which the norms and values of an organisations are impacted, ranging from ‘not at all’ on the far-left, to ‘rethinking the assumptions of the organisation’ on the far-right. In all cases it concerns a redesign of services. Our pros know what is needed under what particular circumstances. They’ll make sure that in the new design, customers are value co-creators. Give us a call or mail us. We’ll do coffee and we will tell your more.

Some specifics

  • MSc, MBA, BSc, Bba
  • Dutch or English
  • Per project or for longer periods of time
  • Hourly rate (on request)