Freelance Explorative Consultants

What they do

To navigate in this VUCA world, we have to embrace new ways of working. We need to move from an internal, top-down view towards a more collaborative bottom-up view, in which creativity and integrative thinking capabilities are essential assets that can help solve today’s issues. Our explorative consultants (a.k.a. imagineers) are strategists who use a contemporary approach to strategy making. Our professionals use the narrative mode to create a new future for your organisation. The strategy emerges collaboratively, through interactions between the participants in the strategy process. They engage with your teams in a process of context-specific knowledge creation, through a cyclical process of research, action and reflection. Our consultants are trained to gather inspirational data for you, about people’s live, values and thoughts, which will spark ideas within your organisation. They are able to take your organisation from a traditional paradigm to a contemporary outlook by changing the enterprise logic. They are context setters and designers of learning experiences.

What they are

We are often asked what an explorative consultant does differently as compared to a regular consultant, also known as exploitative consultants. The big difference lies in the value delivery. This concerns the type of knowledge and the relationship between the consultant and the client.
Regular consultants leverage their existing expert knowledge to advice their clients in a ‘power over’ type of relationship. They are the authorities on the subject and are hired by their clients because of a lack of such knowledge within their organisation. Since they ‘exploit’ existing knowledge, extension of knowlegde is gradual. They stay within the realms of what is already known.
Explorative consultants, on the other hand, acknowledge their clients as rich and deep sources of knowledge, and draw on that knowledge during a collaborative and explorative process of new knowlegde creation. This exploration leads to the realms of the unknown. The space where innovations occur.

Some specifics

  • MSc, MBA, BSc, Bba
  • Multilingual
  • Per project or for longer periods of time
  • Hourly rate