Imbizo (“the call”) is what the Zulu nation calls a mass gathering organized for social purposes. It is a forum for enhancing dialogue and interaction between people. The topics vary. We strive to gather as wide a mix of people so we’ll gain different perspectives on the issue at hand. Depending on the issue within the Zulu tribe imbizo can even last for days. We won’t subject you to that, though. When we issue imbizo, will spend 4 hours exchanging ideas. When “the call” is put out you are free to register for participation.
For whom? Imbizo is for anyone who wants to be inspired and can inspire others. For people who liked to be surprised.


  • 50-100 participants
  • Dialogue in Dutch or English
  • Workshops in Leiden (ZH) and Weert (L)
  • €75 (incl. vat)