You’re a graffiti artist or a Bboy or you have mastered one of the other disciplines of the urban arts. You get “gigs” from companies and often an ‘envelope’ when the gig is finished. You want to get rid of all that. You want to be seen for what you really are: an urban arts entrepreneur. The government also wants the cultural sector to become more entrepreneurial, since the cultural industry creates economic growth on global level and on local level. And through their activities, cultural entrepreneurs can revive cities that suffer economic decline and dislocation, and through their work cultural entrepreneurs can promote social cohesion and a sense of belonging by creating meeting places where people from diverse backgrounds come together. You want to respond to that call. But how? How do you turn what is considered a hobby into a job? How does this materialise? It starts with a gedegen business plan. Because, a good idea requires substantiation. During this practical and participatory workshop, we’ll build a business plan step by step, by addressing all relevant components. We’ll look at customer segments and how to reach them. To the value proposition, core activities, key partners and finances, and more. We’ll provide insight into how to generate revenue. We’ll work in groups, because we are firm believers of knowledge sharing and knowledge co-creation. The dialogue enriches the learning experience. By the end of the day, you will have a thorough understanding of how to develop a business plan specifically for your situation.
For whom? For anyone operating  in the urban arts who wants to professionalise their activities and need backup.

Business Plan for the Urban Arts


  • 10am-5pm
  • Max. 30 participants
  • Fundamental understanding
  • Dialogue in Dutch or English
  • Workshops in Leiden (ZH) and Weert (L)
  • Bootcamp style
  • Lunch included
  • €199 (incl. vat)