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We are The Rainmakers

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Rainmaking means generating substantial new business or additional cash flow from sources sometimes outside established business channels, sometimes by connecting with people in non-traditional or hidden markets.

About The Rainmakers

Intermediary Services

The Rainmakers is the intermediary for a new breed of strategists. Strategists who are aware that we live in turbulent times. Who acknowledge that the world around us is continuously changing and at relentless speed. They realise that coping with these changes requires new levels of knowledge and adaptability. They are strategists who understand that what is needed is getting out of traditional management models, embracing open network models and breaking down barriers to facilitate encounters between people. There lies their passion. They are our Explorative Consultants, Service Designers and Workshop Designers. You can hire them by the hour; from a few days to longer periods of time; depending on the challenge at hand.

Boutique Consultancy

Moreover, we are a boutique consultancy. We are a new breed of consultants, explorative consultants, who operate on the intersect of business strategy and creativity. We use the narrative mode for strategising, while collaboratively shaping a new future. The strategy emerges through interactions between the participants in the strategy process. We set contexts and design learning experiences. We love change and know how to bring it about.


We are also a workshops agency. We love to share knowledge through our workshops. For us it is a two-way street. During our workshops we create the learning experience together, so we can learn from each other. Our workshops are collaborative and hands-on. and cover various topics in the field of management and entrepreneurship. E.g. Start-up workshops, social entrepreneurship, and workshops covering contemporary topics such as changing the dominant logic within organisations, or strategic reframing. We extend our portfolio of workshops continuously.

Business Coaching

Last but not least, we provide business coaching. Our coaching style is: hands-on. Because we value injecting different perspectives in conversations, we coach by the pair. This means that during sessions (aspiring) entrepreneurs work with two coaches who each contribute their knowledge from their respective backgrounds. It enriches the interaction and your plans.